Church Update – 13/07/18

David Medland   -  

Most people like surprises. In fact I reckon that everyone loves surprises – good surprises that is.

  • Surprises that help you feel better about yourself;
  • Surprises that help you feel excited;
  • Surprises where you receive a much wanted gift;
  • Surprises that help you feel loved.

I wonder how the people that you have blessed this week are feeling? Perhaps they are feeling surprised. A word of affirmation, a gift, an act of kindness. If you missed the first Sunday in Surprise the World, you can listen here.

This Sunday we are looking at the second way that we can live questionable lives – EAT.

We will also hear from Jade who is preparing for 6 months mission in Ghana. What an adventure awaits Jade. Let’s support her as much as we can.

See you on Sunday.

Pastor Dave